A healthy family is what everyone we all looking for. Unfortunately, most people do not know to achieve it. Most people concentrate on diet, but there are two things that you need to take into consideration to raise a happy and healthy family. That is Physical and emotional health of the family.

To maintain an emotionally and physically fit family, you need to consider a number of things. In this guide, we have provided 10 hacks on things you can do maintain an emotionally and physically fit family.

1.  Develop A Positive Opinion Of Your Family

How the family feels about itself is the most important thing. For a family to be healthy, it must develop a positive opinion about itself. Everyone in the family must be proud of who they are and being part of the family. Self-love and positive opinion about the family is one of the best glue that keeps the family intact. It is such an opinion that creates high-esteem in the family, even in the most challenging situation. Studies have shown that people with esteem are more confident with themselves.

2.  Eat Healthy Food

Food is a crucial part of a physically and emotionally healthy family. You must ensure that the family is eating healthy food. Start with shop for the right food and cooking the right portions. Eat a balanced diet and ensure that fruits and vegetables are taking more than 50 percent of the food. Observing the food pyramid is the best way to eat right.

cook healthy for family

We also recommend that you add herbs in the diet. There are many healthy herbs typical for Australia such as fennel, mint, coriander, sage, and tarragon amongst others. Eat at the right time for health and avoid sugary drinks such as soda.

3.  Drink Plenty of Water

As a family, you must develop a healthy water drinking schedule. Water is crucial for both physical and emotional health, but you should drink it at the right time. A well-hydrated body burns more fats and flushes germs and toxins out of the body easily. Make sure that everyone in the family is drinking a glass of warm before doing anything else when they wake in the morning. In addition, every member of the family must drink a glass of water (8 ounces) 30 minutes before any meals. Dieticians recommend that everyone should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to keep the body hydrated.

4.  Drink Lemon Infused Water

Everyone is talking about infused water or detox water. For starters, it is water that flavoured with fruits and vegetable. The water is most popular with people looking to lose weight naturally. Detox water is a powerful way to keep both mentally fit. Lemon infused water is the most popular because of vitamin C. When combined with other fruits, it makes powerful detox water. Therefore, detox water helps the body to flush out toxins, oxidants, and other diseases causing element. Toxins are also known for causing stress and depression, which serious emotion conditions. The trick is to create a powerful lemon-infused water recipe for healthy family.

5.  Exercise Daily

Physical exercises are crucial for both physical and emotional health. Exercises help to burn fat and thus helping to lose excess weight to keep fit. Exercises also cause chemical reactions that help to reduce stress and anxiety. So it is good for your mind and physical fitness. However, you need to develop a workout program that fits the whole family. Attending less demanding but highly effective exercises such as yoga is highly recommended for families. You should also find something that you can do at home with the whole family, such as playing in your home compound.

family exercise

6.  Connect With Others

No family can live in isolation and expect to have emotional fitness. That is why it is essential to have friends as a family. But these should be real friends and not social media friends. In addition, be sure that you have good family friends. They should be people that will help you get mentally, emotionally, and physically fit whenever you meet. Find reliable friends and with good morals.

7.  Balance Work and Family

For parents, your kids need you more than anything else. Your presence in their life is crucial for their mental and emotional fitness. So balancing your work-life is crucial for a healthy family. Find a strategy that will enable you to balance both. That’s is something that most parent fails terribly, but with little effort, you can balance the two.

8.  Get Enough Sleep

You must get enough sleep for their body to function well. Medical experts recommend that a person above 13 years should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep. For the kids below 13 years, they should get around 10-11 hours of sleep. Adequate sleep helps the body to replenish itself for the next day. Sleeping for the recommended hours also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Avoid getting less sleep as it can cause serious psychological and emotional problems for the family.

9.  Have Fun

As a family, you need to have fun very often as that’s one of the best times to form a strong bond. There are many ways that you can choose to have fun.  Going on a road trip over the weekend and vacations during summer are some of the best ways to have fun. Hiking over the weekends is something that most families do to tighten the bond between them as well as keep fit. If you love rugby, then you can choose to watch live matches at the stadium. These just of the ways to keep your family emotionally and physically fit.

family having fun

10. Function As a Team

A family should always run as a company. Everyone has a role that they need to play to ensure that the family is running smoothly. So everyone should be assigned a role in the family. That makes everyone feel needed and appreciated for their contribution. In a healthy, everyone has their say, and their opinion is respected. That’s what a team is all about. Physical and emotional fitness is essentials if you want your family to live a happy and long life. However, making a healthy living lifestyle is the most important thing for a healthy family.