Drinking an adequate amount of water is a recommendation that any physician will give regardless of the diagnosed health condition. That’s because they know the importance of water to the body and all the functions. With the human body being over 70% water, it means that every part and function of our body depends on water to perform optimally. One of the parts of the body that most people don’t think it is affected by water is the brain.  

There is a huge correlation between water and brain health. With about 80% of the brain being water, then dehydration can severely affect the normal functioning of the brain. So, how does water keep your brain healthy? Well, we spoke to a health expert from Livewell Rehab on this topic, and here are 7 things he told us:   

1. Reduces Risk of Anxiety and Depression  

Anxiety and depression are severe mental conditions affecting millions of people across the world. What most people don’t know is that dehydration could be one of the reasons for these mental conditions. Dehydration is connected to anxiety and depression in several ways. First, dehydration lowers the production of energy in your brain. This means your brain function will become inefficient. Your brain could even shut down due to acute dehydration. The result will be mood disorders, which eventually cause anxiety and depression.  

Another way that water and depression correlate is the production of serotonin hormone. Studies have shown that low levels of serotonin can cause depression. For the body to create serotonin hormone, it requires sufficient water. If your body is dehydrated, then the body will not have enough water to produce this hormone. That’s how depression and anxiety set in. So, you can avoid or reduce depression by drinking an adequate amount of water.  

2. Improved Circulation  

Another way that water keeps our brain healthy is by improving circulation. With the brain being over 80% water, then proper hydration has a direct impact on the circulation. When you get dehydrated, the brain will be one of the body organs that lacks adequate nutrients such as oxygen due to poor blood circulation. This means your brain healthy is compromised when dehydrated.  

Dehydration also causes inefficient removal of brain cell’s waste. That’s why you get tired or experience headaches when you are extremely dehydrated. Proper hydration improves circulation in the brain, which in turn provides adequate nutrients. Proper circulation also helps to get rid of cells’ waste to keep your brain in good condition and healthy.   

fit woman drinking water while resting on a bike

3. Improved Brain Efficiency  

Brain cells are very delicate. Any changes in the water balance would significantly affect their functioning. When your body is dehydrated, there is not enough water and energy to keep the brain cell operating optimally. This means that your brain will become inefficient, and the result could be mood swings.   

When you are drinking enough water as recommended by a health expert, brain cells will be operating optimally. This is because there is not enough nutrients and energy to power your cells’ function. So, your brain will be performing at its peak since it has the right conditions.  

4. Improves Memory Capacity  

Do you know that hydration levels greatly determine the ability of your brain to remember? Well, studies have shown that when acutely dehydrate, one can suffer short memory impairment. It becomes a bit challenging to do even simple math. Various studies have also shown that a drop of even 2% of the brain water balance causes memory impairment.   

Without proper hydration, your brain cell will not be functioning optimally. In addition, your brain does not produce enough energy to think critically. So, if you want to boost your memory capacity, then one of the things you need to observe is drinking an adequate amount of water. You will be able to improve your brain health to exploit your memory to the maximum.   

5. Improves Concentration  

Another effect of water on the brain is the attention span. With a properly functioning brain, you should always stay alert. But when your body is dehydrated, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on one thing for long. Your attention span is very small, and this may affect your productivity in a big way.   

The fact that your brain cells are not functioning optimally is the reason why you cannot concentrate. But when your brain is properly hydrated, it can produce enough energy for the cells to work at their peak. Your brain will also have enough energy to concentrate.  

6. Better Sleep  

Adequate sleep is crucial for a healthy brain. Unfortunately, some people have a problem getting sleep, and this could cause severe brain issues. What they don’t know is that dehydration could be the reason why they are not sleeping well. For you to have better sleep, then your brain must be calm. However, that will not happen if your brain is not properly hydrated.   

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Water increases circulation in the brain. Therefore, your brain will be receiving enough oxygen and other nutrients when properly hydrated. In addition to that, waste from brain cells is quickly removed when there is optimal blood flow in the brain. That means the brain is working optimally hence helping you to get a restful sleep. Note that adequate sleep helps to improve overall brain health.  

7. Water Flushes Toxins  

One of the biggest detox for the body is water. When the body is adequately hydrated, it flushes out toxins quickly. Most of the toxins in the body are waste by-products from cells after various chemical reactions. They are usually chemical or gases such as carbon dioxide that can be harmful to the brain hence the need to have them flushed out immediately.   

When the body is dehydrated, the blood flow is not working optimally hence reducing the ability to flush toxins. When the brain is properly hydrated, there is improved circulation. That means toxins in the brain are being flushed out quickly to avoid health complications.  

In conclusion, drinking an adequate amount of water plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy brain. When the brain is adequately hydrated, there is an adequate supply of nutrients such as oxygen and quick removal of waste. These are the conditions that keep the brain healthy. So, drink at least two litres of water per day to keep your brain healthy.

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