Gone are the days when we could drink water directly from taps. Due to water pollution, today you have to purify the water to make it safe for drinking. That’s why water filters have become essential appliances for homes.  

But how do these appliances keep your family healthy? Well, they remove contaminants in the water. But you need to invest in the best quality water filter to enjoy the many benefits these appliances offer. Check out discountfridgefilters.com.au as they have a vast range of quality water filters for fridges in Australia. Here are some ways water filters keep your family healthy.  

Removes Pathogens 

One of the biggest benefits of using water filter is removing pathogens and other microorganisms in the water. According to various studies conducted on most of the water supplied to Australian, they should presence of many harmful pathogens such as parasites and viruses. Most of these pathogens are known for causing illnesses such as diarrhoea, and cholera, among others. But some of them can cause serious health issues that could result in death. So, with a quality water filter, you will protect your family from such illness associated with such pathogens. 

Fridge Water Filters Remove Pathogens

Removes Lead 

One of the dangerous contaminants that has been found in tap water is lead. It is a heavy metal component that is known to cause severe health effects to human. For instance, lead has been found to cause birth defects. Exposure to high levels of lead also damages the development of the nervous system of the foetus and young babies. It also causes brain damage, anaemia, weakness and kidney damage. But with a water filter, you will be able to remove the lead component from the water. That’s another way how you keep the family safe and healthy. 

Reduces Water Acidity 

Tap water has, in most cases, been found to be more acidic or basic. That is because of the exposure to various chemicals and acidic gases. Drinking water that is too acidic or basic can result in severe side effect on the body. However, it is difficult to tell if the water is acidic or basic at home. That is why you need to consider investing in water filters. These are appliances designed to mineralise water and make it more alkaline. The trick is to buy a water filter that can produce water with around 7- 8.5 pH. At this pH, the water will be safe for drinking. That’s how you will be guaranteed alkaline water supply in the house. 

Removes Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products 

Although chlorine is a water purifier, exposure to high levels of this chemical can cause serious issues. Studies have shown that chlorine and chlorine by-products can cause cancer. To be specific, chlorine can cause rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer. If you have invested in a high quality water filter, they can remove chlorine and all by-products in the water. That is another way of investing in a water filter can help keep your family healthy. 

Removes Arsenic  

Arsenic has been said to be one of the most dangerous heavy metal in water. Exposure to this water contaminant has devastating side effects on the body. Some of the severe health issues associated with arsenic is cancer. It causes cancer in the skin, kidney, lungs and bladder. It has also been found to cause various changes in the skin such as thickening as well as pigmentation. However, the most immediate one is arsenic poisoning which is a result of exposure to an elevated level of arsenic in the body. If you invest in a high quality water filtration system, they will help remove arsenic components in the water.  

Removes Harmful Waterborne Bacteria 

Another benefit of investing in a water filter is to remove harmful bacteria in the water. You may not have any heavy metal contaminants in the tap water, but bacteria will be there. That is because bacteria can be anywhere including in your plumbing system. Some of the harmful bacteria found in water include salmonella, legionella pneumophila, cryptosporidium, and Escherichia Coli amongst others. Most of these bacteria cause gastrointestinal illnesses. But most of the quality water filtration system can remove all bacteria in the water. Therefore, you will be able to avoid some of the severe bacterial infections and reduce the cost of medical care. 

Fridge Water Filter Benefits


One of the biggest benefits of the water filtration system is removing harmful minerals in the water. What some people may not know is that they also leave or add mineral that is beneficial to the body. Some of the brands of water filters add more mineral in the water that has been filtered. Some of the useful minerals water filters add to the water include potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, amongst others. So, if you invest in a quality water filter, you will be providing your family with some of the essential minerals to the body. 

Improves Taste and Smell of Water 

Another benefit of a quality water filtration system is improving the taste and smell of the water. If you drink ta water directly, you will find out that it has a funny smell and taste. The cause is usually the chemicals and bacteria in the water. This is the kind of water one cannot drink the recommended amount; hence, affecting the overall health of the family. With the minerals, chemical and bacteria removed from the water, it smells and tastes nice. Most people find it easy to drink a lot of filtered water because of the taste and smell. That is another benefit of investing in a water filter. 

Children Drink More Water 

For families with children, water filters can help improve the amount of water they drink. Children don’t like tap water because of its bad tastes. But when you have filtered water in the house, it is sweet, and thus, children will be encouraged to drink more water. That’s another reason for investing in a quality water filter. 

Water filters are quickly becoming one of the essential appliances in our homes. They help us to control the quality of drinking water, unlike the unreliable bottled water. However, the quality of the water filtration system is an important factor to consider. We highly recommend that you buy your water filter from a reputable store.